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The course is currently only 4 modules and 5 courses. You could finish it with in 1 hour.
The answer is YES! It won't be easy and would either require 6 days a week of trading at least 4 to 8(plus) hours. The more hours you trade the easier it will be to make $1M but would demand your time.

If you're a risk taker and wouldn't mind having a plan that has smaller levels but higher profits you can do it in just 30 mins a day or less .

You can even do it in just 7 mins a day for 6 days a week!!!
I personally recommend at least $500
Let's be real, no such thing as never loses the market is still unpredictable but YES! If you create a plan with over 8 levels theirs a strong possibility that plan will never lose.

Most plans that have high levels requires higher investments. If you want a plan that never loses, try investing $5k+ create a plan that 8+ levels and do the Climbing Silver perfectly.